Beginners french for preschoolers

Beginners french for preschoolers

I’m really keen that my daughter learns and enjoys foreign languages. After considering what would be best to start with, I’ve decided on French as I speak it reasonably well and lived there for a year. We all know that languages are picked up more easily by young children, so I’ve started to incorporate some very informal exposure to French this year. Charlotte Mason also encouraged the learning of multiple languages, and her approach was to mimic the way English (or the child’s first language) is acquired; ie primarily aurally when you are first learning. In this vein, I am incorporating songs and read alouds this year. I don’t intend on following any particular program or curriculum at this age.

Here are some ideas of the books we are using. Each of these is from a series that you could explore other titles from.


I am playing all our songs and audio through spotify, but you can also buy physical copies of the albums. Some of these we are only just starting to explore, but it’s nice to have the variety. Again some of the artists/producers have produced other albums (and several have other language options available).

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