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Creating rhythm, routine and ritual
Lighting a candle before mealtimes is one of our favourite rituals

Here’s a little background

When my daughter’s arrival was imminent, I read everything I could about creating routines. All toddlers thrive on routine. It was especially important, given that her previous foster placement had been seriously lacking in this department. She had a long history of poor sleeping and eating, which I suspected was linked to no routine. I also knew it was going to be important to my sanity, as a single mum. I needed a strategy for suddenly being responsible for an on-the-go, into-everything, two year old.

From the day she arrived, I was obsessive – almost to the minute – about her routine, in terms of the timing of each meal/snack, and nap/bedtime. I also had begun to glean the power of rhythm and ritual in creating security, predictability and attachment. I am happy to say that my daughter thrived with her new routine. Naptime and bedtime have (so far) never been an issue here.

After a few months of her seeming settled and happy, I have definitely migrated from the realms of routine (set times for everything) to rhythm (a predictable order of events). Our daily and weekly rhythms are peppered with rituals. Certain songs are sung at certain times. Candles are lit for mealtimes. Poems and stories are integrated with transitions. Yes, these seem to go a long way to achieving smooth-running, low-stress days, but above all they transform mundane activities into magical ones. I’m sure these are helping to build special connections and bring us joy and smiles throughout our waking hours.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting about the different rhythms we are weaving into our family. Do keep checking back, and I’ll update this post with the links to them all.

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