September morning circle

September morning circle

Our September morning circle time marks the beginning of Autumn, here in the UK. Crisper mornings and evenings, shortening days, hedgerows jewelled with berries, and harvest celebrations herald this new season. For this month’s morning circle, I have chosen the following selection of songs and verse to emphasise the turning of the seasons.

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  • Opening verse“The earth is firm beneath my feet…” (traditional Waldorf verse)

We keep this verse the same for our morning circle throughout the year.


  • Song “Yellow the bracken, golden the sheaves…” (F. Hoatson, P.Patterson)

A sweet song depicting the colours of autumn, and wishing summer farewell. It’s found in the Wynstones Autumn book and can also be listened to here


This is our constant yoga flow, based on the book linked to above. At the moment I’m keeping this the same each month during morning circle time, because we’re still enjoying it and my preschooler loves the repetition. She’s still perfecting a lot of the moves but loves trying them out. She often demonstrates various poses throughout the day and says the corresponding line from the book


  • Fingerplay“The Squirrel” (anon.)

The classic poem about a squirrel running up and down a tree. Squirrels are particularly active around us at the moment gathering nuts, so this seemed a fitting verse. We’re using the actions described in ‘A Child’s Seasonal Treasury’


  • Song“Come little leaves…” (S. Czemmel)

A three verse song about leaves changing colour, blowing in the wind and settling on the ground before being covered with snow. We’re using the tune found in the Wynstones Autumn book, but there are other tunes including rock-a-bye baby


  • Story The Giant Turnip (traditional)

A tale to go with the theme of harvest, this classic story is perfect for younger children as there’s nothing scary or ‘bad’ that happens. A farmer grows such a big turnip that he can’t pull it up and enlists the help of all his family and farm animals. It can be found in the Wynstones Autumn book and many fairy/folk tale anthologies.


  • Song – “Bumblebee and butterfly…” (C. Glas, M. Meyerkort)

This song reflects beautifully on the end of summer and beginning of the colder seasons. The simple lyrics feature various insects, and there is a lot of repetition making it easy for little ones (and me!) to memorise. We enjoy acting out the various insects in each verse. It is found in the Wynstones Autumn book.


  • Closing verse“Down is the earth…”  (traditional Waldorf verse)

We keep this verse the same for all our morning circles through the year.


Here are the books I use when planning morning circle time:


If you’re looking for a range of books for the month that your preschooler will love, check out our morning basket.

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